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Dear Eugene Mayor and City Councilors:

Climate change is already negatively affecting Eugene and surrounding areas through heat waves, wildfire, and drought. Fracked gas is the 2nd largest and fastest increasing source of Eugene’s emissions (2019 GHG Inventory), which will make it impossible to reach the City’s adopted GHG reduction goals.

I hereby join a growing, broad coalition of people and organizations who represent labor, environment, racial justice, public health, tenants’ rights, solar installers, firefighters, faith and other groups to call on the City of Eugene to do the following:

  1. Ban the construction of all new fossil fuel infrastructure in the City

  2. Transition all utilities in the City to 100% renewable energy by 2030

  3. Levy a fee on NW Natural and other polluting corporations to create a fund to transition low income and historically marginalized communities from fracked gas to electric appliances, and to retrofit homes to increase efficiency

Young people and historically marginalized communities are impacted first and worst, and are least responsible for planet-heating climate pollution. It’s our duty to center the needs of these vulnerable communities in a  swift transition to fossil free energy and a decarbonized economy, and Eugene must lead.

I am calling on you to create and pass an ordinance to ban the expansion of fracked gas infrastructure and support programs to help low income households transition off fracked gas and create good paying jobs.