Gas infrastructure increases health and safety risks to communities, particularly low-income and BIPOC households.

Swapping out gas appliances for electric ones is a huge climate win in Oregon, reducing the average household’s climate footprint by 50% – the equivalent of completely giving up your car.

Homes and buildings consume nearly 43% of all energy in Oregon and cause about one-third of the state’s climate pollution—the second largest source of climate pollution after the transportation sector.

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We are calling on the city of Eugene to take immediate action to reduce our reliance on fossil fuels by:

Mandating that new construction in Eugene be built all-electric

Levying a fee on NW Natural and other polluting corporations to create a fund to transition low income and historically marginalized communities from fracked gas to electric appliances, and to retrofit homes to increase efficiency.

Transitioning all utilities in the City to 100% renewable energy by 2030.


We have been showing up to testify against NW Natural and push the city of Eugene to take action towards eliminating fossil fuels.  

“For the health and well-being of everyone in Eugene, we must stand strongly against the expansion of fossil fuel infrastructure. Our future depends on us transforming our relationship with energy, climate, and each other. This means we must turn away from toxic industries like Northwest Natural and instead invest in our frontline communities.”

avery temple

“My generation recognizes that we will be inheriting the climate crisis, and that’s why we are fighting to prioritize a safe environment for all. It is time for City Council to show that they value my future by justly transitioning Eugene off of fossil fuels.”

Sahara Valentine


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